Wednesday 10 October 2018

A Brief Update.

Having finished my Napoleonic engineers' cart from Warbases I found myself needing some individual small wooden barrels to be used as gunpowder barrels in the scenario the cart was purchased for. I had a look around at The Other Partizan when I bought the cart but could not find anything suitable.

As I neared completion of the cart I started looking online for suitable barrels. They needed to be individual and of a size that looked like a 28mm figure could carry them. After some googling I came across Supreme Littleness Designs and found something that might be suitable, Small wooden barrels so I ordered these. I also picked up their Old stone cross as a bit of fluff.

They duly arrived a couple of days later followed shortly after by an email containing a PDF with assembly instructions for the barrels.

The Barrel sprue with parts for one punched out.
Centre section assembled.

The small barrels consist of a central cross member onto which fit the central and upper and lower side "slices". The tops and bottoms then fit on these, the centre of the ends can be punched out too to give the effect of opened barrels.

The cross was similar with two layers of plinth sliding onto the bottom of the cross before this assembly was fixed to the bottom plinth.

The barrels were just painted with a light brown paint for the wooden sections and gunmetal for the bands and then given a sepia wash. I didn't bother priming these.

The cross was primed grey then painted with a medium grey before a dark wash then a greenish wash, around the base, was applied. It was then drybrushed before some flock was added. I decided against basing the cross so it would fit on whichever terrain surface I happened to use it on.

Completed barrels

Loaded onto the now based cart.

Old stone cross.

I think these have come out really well and are really worth the very reasonable price.