Friday 17 May 2019

Corps and CinC Command bases.

A bit of a quiet time recently on the blogging front, a bit remiss of me. However the hobby work has continued.
With my Napoleonic Anglo Portuguese army growing quite well I decided it needed the next level of command. I have Division commanders, two mounted figures side by side on a squarish base, and Brigade commanders on single pill bases, examples below.

Division Commander
Brigade Commander

For Corps or CinC bases I wanted to use three mounted figures and decided that individual commanders on Pill bases mounted on a sabot base of some type would allow the most flexibility especially for those commanders such as Beresford who could be a Divisional general or a CinC depending on time and place.

To this end I placed an order for some custom sabot bases with Warbases with an aim to collect at Salute. With this done it was time to get painting the command figures. For the Portuguese I had Beresford and two other generals, and as for the allies in general Old Nosey himself, Wellesley/Wellington, all Front Rank figures. To act as an escort for the Duke I painted up a Perry plastic hussar as a sergeant of the 1st Hussar KGL. A couple of other officers were painted too, as with the planned sabot bases I could mix and match.

Portuguese Generals WIP

Beresford and Generals during basing.

So after Salute it was time to finalise my basing and see what the overall effect looked like. The sabot bases are 100mm in diameter with slots for three Pill bases.

First up the Portuguese.

Beresford and Generals

Second "Old Nosey" and escort.

The Duke and escort

Overall I think these work and allow me to swap people around to add some variety.

Whilst all this was on the go I also ordered my first figures from Brigade Games in the states. I got their "Sharpe like" and 95th rifles figures as well as some British Light Dragoon horse holders and a set of light infantry stovepipe shako heads, to go towards getting a light infantry battalion for my army. For the command I went to Front Rank and one of their reinforcement pack sets.

95th Rifles

Dismounted horse holders.

Light Infantry heads and arms.

But before I start on these, time to finish my second two battalions of Portuguese to complete Pack's Independent Brigade.

Oh and do some Anglo Saxons for SAGA.