Thursday 1 October 2020

Black Powder gaming aids.

 As you may have guessed if you read my blog the main set of rules I use for my Napoleonic wargaming is Black Powder by Warlord Games. 

The rule book and supplements  have very nicely laid out stat sheets for the various troop types of the competing armies listing their attributes as well as any special rules applicable to them, which you can then hunt through the book to find.

I decided very early on, when planning my first scenario, that it might be useful to have copies of the stat sheets and the special rules collated, to help the players understand and control their forces easier.

To this end I produced my own copies of the stat sheets from the rule book and Albion Triumphant supplements for the Peninsular War armies from France, Spain and  Anglo/Portuguese.

National Stat sheets, examples.

I also collated the special rules associated with each army and produced sheets for these too.

National Special rules, examples.

Another useful tool from the rule book is the game play Quick Reference Sheet (QRS).

QRS example.

Warlord Games also provide a downloadable copy of this.

In the past I also found online copies of the QRS for the first edition of the rules that had been amended for play using 1/2 and 2/3 distances. For the second edition I could not find these so created my own.

Why has this post come about? Well on one of the Facebook groups dedicated to this period of warfare somebody posted that they were thinking of producing sheets for the A Clash of Eagles supplement and was asking if anybody had already done this or something similar?

This reminded me that although I had produced these myself I hadn't made them available to the wider community via the downloads section of my blog, hence this post was born.

So all three army stat sheets and special rules sheets as well as Second edition QRS at 1/2 and 2/3 distances can be found in the My Resources / Downloads list in the right hand sidebar.


I also found online some stats for 1809 Austrians which I have just managed to relocate. So if you are interested you can find them Here