Wednesday 20 May 2020

And now for something completely different! Part 2

Having completed the two warbands for Vanguard, post here , I purchased some MDF terrain by Warcradle Scenics from a local online store Coffee Cup Games.

So with warbands, buildings and rules it was time to play.

We started out with just the basic move, ranged attacks and melee attacks and added in the other rules as we became more confident. It didn't take long for my son to get to grips with the basic roll to hit, saving roll and wound mechanics and I had difficulty beating him in these first games.

As we progressed and added in some additional rules and pointed warbands I started to finally get my own back, mainly due to better understanding of tactical play, fortunately he could still remind me when I got the basics wrong, Doh!.

Having mastered the basic principles my son decided to create his own wargames based on these and soon created stat cards for Lego minifigs for battles on the carpet. After a recent resurgence in interest in Star Wars he also adapted the basic Vanguard mechanics to use with his diecast star ships.

This latest bit of adaptation on his part has led me to purchase the Star Wars X-Wing (2nd edition) miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games

We'll see how that goes.