Thursday 19 March 2020

More Portuguese, Napoleonic update.

After sitting around for nearly a year assembled and with some base colours applied it was time for the 1st Battalion 16th line Regiment "Vieira Teles" to get finished. This Regiment from the Central Military Division of Portugal formed part of Pack's Independent Portuguese Brigade along with the 1st Line Regiment and 4th Caçador Battalion, who I have already completed. This brigade was one of two Portuguese brigades that were not permanently attached to a British Division.

As part of the Central Division the 16th's piping lace colour was white, as was their Regimental Colour, carried by the 2nd Battalion. Their collars and cuffs were scarlet.

Painted, awaiting wash to be applied.

Basing texture only remaining to do.

Command stand.

All basing completed.



And put away with their mates.

Portuguese box.

Right onto the 2nd /16th then.