Monday 4 April 2022

Additional artillery.

Later this year I will again be helping to stage the Battle of Talavera at my gaming club. This will be the third time we have played this battle and the first time using Shako II as the ruleset.

Having researched the battle quite a bit I have known for some time that the British Royal Artillery battery "Lawson's Company", deployed in the Pajar Redoubt, was equipped with 3lb cannon. Previously unaware of a producer of these in 28mm normal 6lb models have been used.

Earlier this year in a random conversation at the club I became aware that not only were 3lb cannon available in 28mm but that another member had a spare and would I like it?

The model was by Trent Miniatures available through Skytrex

So the obvious answer was yes and an order was placed with the reopened Front Rank for some crew.

While this particular cannon was not the exact same pattern of 3lb that was thought to have been used it was still a 3lb british cannon of the period. All I needed to do now was paint it up.

Time became available when a dose of Covid gave me ten days off work, fortunately being fully vaccinated it was only a mild case.

The cannon model was very nice, only things I did extra was drill out the barrel and add chains.

This time I haven't glued the cannon in place so I can swap in a heavier gun if required for other games.


Friday 1 April 2022

Bredelar 1761, Seven Years War, Game at NBHW

On Friday 18th of March we got together for a Seven Years War action to try out using Shako II for this period. Shako had a SYW section and several suggested amendments for Shako II can be found online.

The "small" test game was based on two actions around the same time near Bredelar 5th Aug 1761, which our umpire had combined into one. The allied army of Hanover, Brunswick and Great Britain aim was to attack the French rearguard and capture river crossings they were attempting to retreat over cutting them off and forcing a surrender.

"Small" test game.

I had command of the allied right wing consisting of the British contingent under General Conway featuring eight battalions of foot and five regiments of cavalry. Ahead of me were French and German grenadiers of Voyer's division.

The right of my command.

My left including the cavalry.

 Across the whole allied line the order to advance was given. On the far left the Hanoverians of General Witginau moved steadily towards the retiring french infantry of Rochambeau. In the centre more Hanoverians and Brunswickers under General Wolff advanced on the French battalions of General Stainvilles, while I moved ahead to engage the grenadiers.

My infantry advance.


After initial success for the allies, especially on the left where allied cavalry suddenly appeared on the far side of the river, having crossed further up stream surprising the French flank, things started to go wrong. The French cavalry of Rochambeau were also on that side of the river and about faced and after several swirling cavalry melees saw off the allied cavalry. Meanwhile my advance had stalled after several musketry duels and my initial bayonet charge had been repulsed with the 20th foot routing.

My cavalry advance on my left as the Maison de Roi appear.

In the centre the British and Hanovarian cavalry massed for a charge on the french infantry of Stainvilles. Some accurate french artillery weakened these units on the way in, and after an initial success saw one french battalion destroyed, the rest stood their ground and fired point blank volleys sending the first ranks of horsemen back reeling. While the allied horsemen were reorganising themselves for a fresh assault the French horse of the elite Maison de Roi game up from a rear position and crashed into them sending the majority from the field in panic.

Allied cavalry charge.

With the allied advance stalling across the whole front the French were now able to commence their planned withdrawal unmolested.

Stalemate on the allied right.

A good evening for the French players who definitely had the dice gods on their side that night. As for the rules it appeared that Shako II with tweaks can indeed give a good game in this period.

As usual more photos in the club's Facebook album