Wednesday 10 June 2020

15mm Buildings

Whilst perusing the web and eBay for some other MDF items, I came across J B Wargamming Scenery. He had the MDF items I was after, a dice tower and box storage for gaming cards, but also lots of fairly inexpensive buildings in a variety of sizes. Having recently acquired some 15/18mm Napoleonics,  post here, I decided to take a punt on some 15mm buildings for them so I purchased his 15mm Walled Farm A, Premium.

After I received the item a quick dry fit revealed that some trimming would be necessary due to some inaccuracy in manufacture, nothing major. I was also missing one gable end for the smallest building, but had an extra wall, so I cut a gable end from this piece.
The pieces are also only detailed on one side. I have no problem with this for the buildings, as even though the roofs and upper stories are removable, it is unlikely I will be placing figures inside at this scale. However it seems strange not having the detail for the inside of the main compound gate represented, I suppose at this price point not unreasonable though. I chose to paint this in later, in hindsight I wish I had scored the detail into the piece as well.

The extra wall and one gable end I received.

Assembly completed, with figures for scale.

For painting I used a sandy coloured craft paint mixed with dried play sand on all the wall surfaces with Vallejo Basalt Grey 869 on the exposed stone work.
The roofs were painted with Vallejo Orange Brown 981 with a drybrush of Green Grey 886.
The cobble/slab yard was base coated with Vallejo Basalt Grey 869 then covered with European Thick Mud weathering effects 807 before getting a light drybrushing with Humbrol 63 Sand.

Walls and roofs done.

The woodwork I painted Vallejo Beige Brown 875 with Woodgrain 828 over the top on the doors.
Outside the walls the base was painted with Vallejo Medium Olive 850 before being flocked.
Finally I added some door hinges and knobs with Vallejo Plastic putty before painting with Gunmetal Grey 863.
Using a very watered down Vallejo Medium Olive 850 I then added some staining to the exposed stonework, around the wall bases and window sills.

Finished model.

The two large buildings are interchangeable.

Overall apart from a bit of rework required a great little wargaming terrain piece at a very reasonable price.