Monday 18 December 2017

ACW 1865, Somewhere in the East. Game at NBHW.

Friday night at New Buckenham saw the inaugural game put on by one of the newer club members. In this case a fictional ACW encounter in 15/18mm using the original Fire and Fury rules with club tweaks.
The scenario saw the confederates, having suffered a defeat off table, trying to extricate several artillery batteries from the clutches of the chasing union troops. They had to get them over a river, via a single bridge, to a waiting transport train with three divisions of infantry in support. The union team had four divisions of infantry with limited artillery support to stop them.
A fun game played without our resident F&F expert on hand so a few rules mistakes probably made but nothing that detracted from the game with everyone excepting the umpires final decisions. Some outstanding dice rolling by some of the union players came to an end when the D10 in use was found to have nothing lower than a 7 on it! an honest mistake and the store it was bought from might get a "word".
By the time we had to finish for the night the rebels had saved about half their artillery, with the rest on the way, but their infantry was engaged in some fierce combat holding off the closing union forces which had managed to damage at least two batteries. It was called as a marginal win for the secessionists.

Many more photos can be found in the club's Facebook Album

This game also saw the first battle for some of my Union troops but more on that later.