Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Talavera 28th July 1809 Afternoon attack

Back in September 2015 several club members gathered on a Saturday morning to re-fight the main attack of the Battle of Talavera which took place on 28th July 1809. This was to be the NBHW's first time gaming this battle using the Black Powder ruleset. Figures were all based to the system for Shako 2 but as that meant all opposing unit frontages were equivalent that was no issue to using Black Powder.  The game was set up on the Friday night to allow for a prompt (ish) start Saturday.

Due to a limited number of available Spanish troops the layout concentrated on the area between the main French and British forces facing each other across the Portina stream between the Sierra de Segurilia in the north and the Pajar de Vargara redoubt to the south. Various units on both sides were represented by stand in units, all the correct faction but not necessarily in the correct uniforms or in the case of Leval's Division, the correct nationally.

Starting Positions:
Cerro de Medellin plus Allies on the Right.
Cerro de Cascajal and French on the left.
Portina Stream down the centre.
British positions looking north.

Two years on from this game and I can not remember all the ins and outs that occurred except that the French won on the day and the Spanish proved to be unexpectedly stubborn. The battle in pictures with captions added just after the game are presented below along with a link to the club Facebook page AAR written at the time including more photographs.

Game photo album and AAR on club Facebook page

The fallout from this game was the resolve to replay with more Spanish and correctly uniformed troops present on an extended battlefield, wider northern valley and more room to the south, sometime in 2016. so back to the painting table for several club members and a rethink on layout and unit stats for the game organisers.

As for the 2016 game, that became a linked game covering the French night and morning attacks as well as the main final assault but more of that in future posts.


P.S Many thanks to Jonathan Jones who provided a mountain of information to enable me to help put this game on.


  1. That looks like a great game Tony. We played it ourselves in 15mm a couple of years ago, and our side as the British lost as well.

    I'm very much looking forward to JJ's Talavera - he must be getting close now.

  2. An awsome game! The figures are wonderful and the terain so nice! I wish I were there...
    Now, the French victory is impressing because judging from the initial positions, the Allies are very strong. I have played the game using Volley& Bayonet rules and the French lost a decisive victory for the Allies. But this is a spectacular and fascinating game!