Thursday, 1 June 2017

Basing My Napoleonic Figures, Addendum.

After my previous post on basing my Napoleonic figures I was asked on a couple of wargaming groups/forums how I base my French. After pointing out that "I don't do French" I started wondering how I would. After looking at some of our group's photographs of Napoleonic games and how they base their French, taking into account the requirement for them to be used for both Shako II and Black Powder rules, I came up with the following guide which I hope may be useful to those that choose to play the French.

The mounted officer in the first battalion is optional and appears to be a way that club members identify the lead battalion of a regiment.
Artillery, Cavalry and Command would be based the same as in the British post with the exception that one cavalry base may feature one or two "elite" company troopers.


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