Tuesday, 11 April 2017


So how did I get here?

As a child I was always interested in history and especially military history and so like many others boxes of Airfix toy soldiers were soon strewn about the house and garden. Then came modelling, first 1/72nd aircraft and some tanks etc then later 1/35th figures and vehicles for diorama building. Adulthood arrived and work, in my case still aircraft but this time in 1:1 scale.

At some point in my early twenties a fledgling interest in wargaming figures surfaced and some Battle Honours' 15mm Napoleonic figures were bought and painting commenced without any real thought as to what I would do with them when finished.

Jump forward twenty or so years, 15mm figures unfinished in the loft, and a couple of years after the arrival of a not so small bundle of joy (son) followed by a house move to a new town and I was looking for something to do in the evenings whilst my wife worked on her art and craft projects. Cue random internet searches and the discovery that there was a local, fifteen to twenty minutes drive away, wargaming club. Not only that but it was exclusively historical in its gaming.

So a quick email later and off I went on a Friday night to introduce myself. Half an hour later and I was crash landing gliders near the Orne river bridge east of Pegasus bridge in my first ever wargame. By the end of a very fun evening It was discovered that I was interested in the Napoleonic Peninsular War and the club needed someone to do British for this period in 28mm for a future game based on the battle of Talavera, if I was interested, no pressure. Welcome to the collective madness that is the New Buckenham Historical Wargamers!

That was just over two years ago and many fun Friday nights as well as Saturdays have been spent gaming with this bunch of nutters since, wargaming on a grand scale? oh yes. For myself almost two divisions of British completed along with a brigade of Portuguese, some medieval horse and foot for Lion Rampant and a collection of 1/144th aircraft for Wings of Glory (another group of very friendly nutters met via a forum). In the to-do drawers more napoleonics and some AWI I plan to use for Sharpe Practice.

So this is me and I'd best crack on.

Jabba (aka Tony)

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