Friday, 21 April 2017

Medieval Diversion

Some time in late 2015 or early 2016 a club night discussion led a lot of members to consider building retinues to play Osprey Publishing's Lion Rampant wargame. By this point I fancied painting something other than napoleonics and as essentially a skirmish game this seemed a good idea as not many figures would be required.

So now came the question what to do? A bit of digging around led to the decision to build my retinue based loosely around Sir Richard de Holbrook or his son Sir John de Holbrook who were knocking about in the reigns of Henry III and Edward I "Longshanks" so late C13th. Why these? well it is about the right period historically for retinue skirmishes and my mother's name was Holbrook so possible family connections.

Now for the figures, and after viewing other club members collections a purchase was made from Fireforge Games for a box of their Mounted sergeants and Foot sergeants. Assembly and painting commenced with the mounted troops and I discovered the joys of painting large areas of yellow, a consequence of picking the Holbrooks.

This is very much a background project with the napoleonics the priority so to date only the two units of horsemen and one unit of spearmen have been completed.

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