Friday, 11 August 2017

Casualty Markers

I intend that each of my Napoleonic units will have it's own casualty marker.
So far every one of my British infantry battalions has it's own bespoke casualty marker on a dial base from Warbases. I have also produced one for my artillery bases, may need to do more.

Example of infantry casualty marker

Artillery casualty marker

I then came to my cavalry units of which I currently have three, only two painted so far, and how I would do them. The easiest way was to buy dead horse miniatures and these I got from Front Rank, however these would not fit well on the Warbases bases. Fortunately I found that Charlie Foxtrot Models do similar dial bases in an elongated pill shape which are a perfect fit.

14th & 16th Light Dragoons and 4th Dragoon casualties.

These bases come unassembled and some care needs to be taken to ensure the parts line up and the dial is still free to rotate after assembly. All in all thought perfect for the job.

Completed and partially assembled base.

Now I just need to find casualty figures for my Portuguese line and cacadores or it's out with the cutters, glue and pins.



  1. They all look the part. How are you going with your hunt for Portuguese casualties?

    1. No luck finding a commercially produced one so will have to adapt something.

  2. Very nice job on these markers!