Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Minden 1759. Game at NBHW.

On Saturday 29th myself and seventeen others attended the New Buckenham Historical Wargamers to refight the Seven Years' War Battle of Minden, 1759. The game had been set up the previous evening and featured over two thousand 28mm figures. The rules used were Honuors of War by Osprey. A few pictures of the set up follow, with an AAR after.

von-Sporken's battalions view the massed French cavalry.

The massed French cavalry view the "chétif" red coated battalions.

The massed battalions of the French left wing.

von-Sporken's British and Hanoverian battalions.

Fight for Malbergen.

Unhistorically, Sackville takes to the field.

Imhoff's German troops, Hessians and some Brunswickers, advanced on Malbergen, took one half of the village as the French took the other and were then fearfully cut up as the French beat back a rash Hessian advance. The supporting German cavalry of Holstein-Gottorf could do little to help against the French massed ranks and musketry.

The British and Hanoverians of von-Sporcken's famous battalions went straight forward, leaving the first line of French cavalry, little option but to charge. This charge and the subsequent one from the second line were firmly met, held and smashed by Sporcken's heroic lads. It seemed at this point that history might be repeated.

However the Saxon contingent now arrived, after losing the 23rd foot and seeing his two flanking units retire, the 12th foot and Hanoverian Guard Battalion, von-Sporcken decided to pull back on Kingsley's Brigade and refresh the line. This was achieved, a '6' would have seen the 37th and remaining 'Fuss Garde' advance alone !, but this allowed the Saxons to clear the third line of French horse and form up, along with the French Battalions beside Hahlen.

As von-Sporcken realigned and awaited the support of Scheele's column, two rolls of '1' had kept him frustratingly idle, Prince Ferdinand - ever calm & cool in command, brought up the Hessians and Hanoverians of Wutginau's Brigade. This fine looking body of men now made fine looking bodies of the remaining French cavalry that again attempted, and failed, to check this advance.

To the surprise of all, Sackville led on his two brigades of cavalry, the latter ably led by the Marquis of Granby. These began to take fire from the formed French infantry, and at the same time the allies decided to attack the French battalions holding the other end of Hahlen.

Sadly these last events unfolded as time called a halt. The umpire, noting the losses to Ferdinand's army around Malbergen, called it as a narrow win for the French army of Contandes.

Quite simply a brilliant day of historical wargaming.

For a lot more photographs see the club's Facebook Album


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  1. Some fun games here Tony, which makes me miss our gaming table even more. Hopefully less than six months to go until we get it back, and I can enjoy AARs like these in the meantime.