Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Mengibar 1808. Game at NBHW.

Back in June I played my first game of Carnage & Glory at New Buckenham, a game system I have been wanting to try for some time. The scenario chosen was the fighting at Mengibar in Spain in 1808 part of the wider Battle of  Bailén. The figures were 28mm and belonged to other club members.

After some initial teething problems with the players getting to grips with how to feed information to the computer moderator and also what did and didn't need feeding back, the game settled into a smooth rhythm.

The French player had the unenviable task of holding a ridge line with untried provincial French line troops against a motivated Spanish force that outnumbered him three to one.
The Spanish players advanced steadily with two players taking the lead element and a third controlling the reserves. I had the Spanish right wing to command.

Spanish centre, right and reserve.

Spanish advance

My right wing

While the French attempted to 'dig in' on the ridge their four hundred cuirassiers were ordered forward on the right in an attempt to delay the enemy, which they refused to do! A rag tag looking unit of Spanish lancers meanwhile charged forward and drove a larger body of French dragoons from the field while the cuirassiers stood by unmoved.

To the French centre and left the Spanish advance on the ridge continued, despite the French artillery fire.

Assault the ridge

A French general was dispatched to lead the cuirassers forward, and after taking some ineffective fire from a Spanish square, the cuirassiers scattered the retiring Spanish lancer unit before driving back the Spanish dragoons behind them. An attendant Spanish battery had caused grievous losses to the advancing cuirassiers however and a counter charge by more Spanish dragoons soon sent the cuirassiers into retreat and then route. The French general, carried off with them having suffered a serious wound to the abdomen.

The French infantry on the ridge fared little better once the Spanish infantry closed. One well delivered, close range volley from the Spanish troops felled enough French for their resolve to collapse. Once the first French battalion faltered, other units along the line retreated, many throwing down their weapons, fleeing or surrendering.

Gaps appear

Cavalry pursuit

The French Commander attempted to salvage some pride from this disaster by leading his Swiss battalion, held in reserve, forward in a counter charge, if only to cover the retreat of the rest of his men. They charged forward, initially successfully but were soon engulfed by the exultant Spanish, and were nearly annihilated, the few survivors and their commander fleeing with the rest.

Valient last stand

A great game and introduction to C&G, made a change not being subject to the dice gods.
The overall feedback from the players was good so another game was planned in for the near future, this time in 15/18mm.

For a fuller AAR and a lot more photographs see the club's Facebook album here.


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