Friday, 29 November 2019

'Indian Run' 1777. Game at NBHW.

On Friday night at New Buckenham we had an AWI game. It was a fictitious scenario that saw Washington attempted to deny General Howe's advance guard from crossing the Indian Run river as the Crown forces pushed on toward the capture of Philadelphia. We used our club rules for AWI ,which I will eventually get round to digitising.

I took command of General Grant's brigade which consisted of the 9th, 21st, 38th and 24th foot on the British left flank facing the rebel battalions of General Sullivan across a shallow stretch of river.
To my right were three battalions of Hessians under General von Knyphausen who were making for a plank bridge over the river. Unbeknown to the revolutionaries General Cornwallis was making a flank march to the far right with the Black Watch, a light infantry battalion and a combined grenadier battalion.

My command and supporting 12 lbs artillery face the river.

Lead Hessian battalion crosses the plank bridge with light artillery support

View from the american rear.

My command advanced across the ford towards the waiting rebellious colonials while the lead Hessian unit was met by a head on charge, by a unit from General Lee's command, determined to stop the Germans from gaining a foothold on the other side of the bridge.

"At the double, Advance!"

After a vicious scrap at the bridge the lead Hessian battalion managed to fight their way through the Pennsylvanians and establish a bridgehead before being assailed on three sides. Included in this assault was the lead element of Washington's reinforcements, a battalion of marines. This attempt to throw the Germans back got off to a slow start thanks to support from my 12 lb artillery who had now switched their focus to supporting the isolated Hessians.

Lead Hessian battalion in a spot of bother.

This delay allowed the Hessians to dress their ranks and get further battailons across the bridge in support, before continuing their attack.

Hessian support arrives.

Hessians attack again.

It was around this time that Cornwallis' brigade arrived on Washington's flank, forcing him to turn his remaining reserves to face this threat and so relieving some of the pressure on the Germans.

Back to my command. After finally fording the river under musket and light artillery fire my lead battalions were given the order to level the bayonets and charge!

Time to get stuck in.....or not.

Unfortunately both units declined to obey and it was only the direct intervention of General Grant that finally saw the fusiliers charge home against the regulars of the 1st Maryland battalion. The 9th however could not get to grips with the stubborn 2nd Maryland battalion and a close quarter musketry duel commenced.

The 1st Maryland broke before the determined charge of the fusiliers who followed up after the routing colonials. This left room for the 24th foot to charge into Sullivan's militia battalion, with the expected result.

24th foot charge home.

At this point the game was called. On my flank two of the three continental battalions had routed, despite inflicting heavy casualties on my troops, 177 in total. In the centre the Hessians were now firmly across the bridge and pressing on with Cornwallis soon to make contact on the right.
It was deemed that Washington would rapidly withdraw his remaining forces after a hard fought action.

The Hessian bridgehead just before games end.

British left flank.

Centre and right flank at games end.

Another great game, many thanks to the two members whose figures were used.

As usual lots more photos and AAR in the clubs Facebook Album.



Order of Battle

Crown Forces:

Left wing:   Grant's Brigade -  9th, 21st, 24th and 38th Foot. Two 12lb cannons.
Centre:        Von-Knyphausen's Brigade - von-Rall Grenadier Battalion, von-Lossberg fusilier                                  Battalion and von-Knyphausen musketeer Battalion. One 6lb cannon.
Right wing: Cornwallis' Brigade - composite light and Grenadier battalions and 42nd Foot. Two 6lb                        cannons.

Rebel Forces:

Right wing: Sullivan's Brigade - 1st and 2nd Maryland battalions and a militia battalion. One 6lb                            cannon.
Left wing:   Lee's Brigade - one each Virginian and Pennsylvania continental battalions and two                              Pennsylvania militia battalions. One 6lb cannon
Reserve:     Washington's Brigade -  Marine Battalion and one other Pennsylvania continental                                  battalion. Two 6lb cannons.


  1. A fine looking set up Tony. Some great modelling. And a plausible scenario and outcome.

    Was the flank attack a genuine surprise to the players on the rebel side? Or do you have some mechanism for preventing them from ‘pre-emotive’ action?

    1. Thanks. The flank attack figures were hidden under the table and the player that was going to command them had part of another command to play at the start of the game to try to make it less obvious. Think the American players expected something though, just from experience of the organiser.

  2. Beautiful terrain, armies...and pictures, what a great and promising game! I'll come back, new sub!

  3. Very nice game. Great terrain and wonderful figures.

  4. Excellent. Can you tell me where the bridge came from? Thank you.

  5. Very pretty game and looked like a lot of fun.
    AWI is a fun genre. 😀

    1. Cheers Stew, when are you starting this period?