Monday, 27 April 2020

My Napoleonic Anglo/Portuguese army, as it currently stands.

So after I completed my Portuguese brigade for my Peninsular forces last week, post here, I decided to get all the completed units out for review and this post is the result.

Force out for review.

As a trial I recorded a shortish video to see how it would turn out.

A bit more of a breakdown. The first formations are based on the Order of Battle for Talavera 1809

3rd Division, 1st Brigade.

3rd Division, 1st Brigade: Major General MacKenzie

2/24th Warwickshire Regiment of Foot
2/31st Huntingdonshire Regiment of Foot
1/45th Nottinghamshire Regiment of Foot

3rd Division, 2nd Brigade

3rd Division, 2nd Brigade: Colonel Donkin

5/60th Royal American Rifles Regiment of Foot, five companies
2/87th Prince of Wales Own Irish Regiment of Foot
1/88th Connaught Rangers Regiment of Foot

4th Division, 1st Brigade

4th Division, 1st Brigade: Brigadier General Campbell

5/60th Royal American Rifles Regiment of Foot, one company
2/7th The Royal Fusiliers Regiment of Foot
2/53rd Shropshire Regiment of Foot

4th Division, 2nd Brigade

4th Division, 2nd Brigade: Colonel Kemmis

5/60th Royal American Rifles Regiment of Foot, one company
1/40th 2nd Somersetshire Regiment of Foot
97th Queen's Own Germans Regiment of Foot
2nd Battalion of Detachments

Heavy Cavalry Brigade

Fane's Heavy cavalry brigade

3rd Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards
4th Queen's Own Dragoons

Light Cavalry Brigade

Cotton's Light cavalry brigade

14th Duchess of York's Own Light Dragoons
16th Light Dragoons


There were three batteries of Royal Artillery at Talavera and we try and use two bases per battery when playing Black Powder. So that gives one extra base and a Horse Artillery base for other scenarios.

The rest are additional units to add a bit of variety for other gaming scenarios.


Engineering cart and Officer plus some engineers kitbashed from Victrix infantry

KGL Light infantry

2nd KGL Light Battalion, acquired as surplus from another club member and rebased. Spare officer and a bit of fun, british soldier with captured French eagle.


At the front Major General Beresford and staff, off to the side a bit of religious support. Artillery to the left with a field telegraph unit. In the centre the Infantry.

Independent Portuguese Brigade: Colonel Pack

4th Estramadura Cacadores Battalion
1/1st & 2/1st Lippe Line Infantry Regiment
1/16th & 2/16th Viera Telles Line Infantry Regiment

And finally of course Wellesley himself with a staff officer and escort from the 1st KGL Hussars.

As the video said still plenty more in the lead and plastic pile to do.



  1. A wonderful looking and rich army, love the engineers and wagons, splendid additions!

    1. Cheers Phil, they made for a very good scenario addition.

  2. Wonderful work Tony. You have amassed a terrific collection here. The wagons look very nice indeed.

    1. Thanks Lawrence, it has turned out well so far, seems to be plenty more in the to do pile. Missed the hussars off this to do list when doing the video.

  3. An army anyone would be proud of. Outstanding job.

  4. A nice collection indeed, with some interesting extras as qwell!

  5. A really great collection! Hope it serves you well on the tabletop. 😀

  6. Hi there,

    I really like how you have based your officers/commanders, especially the modular movement tray system you have for your Wellesley and Beresford pieces. I've been struggling to find these bases online, would you be able to point me in the right direction?

    Many thanks,


    1. Thanks Ronan. The circular three slot trays were made as a custom order for me by Warbases ( are 100mm in diameter and have three 50mm x 25mm pill slots.