Monday, 20 April 2020

Portuguese Brigade Completed.

So what's been happening while the world's in lock down? Well I've just had four weeks off work, company stood us down, back today though, so it was time to complete my Portuguese brigade obviously.

That meant getting the eighteen figures of the 2/16th line regiment done as well as a howitzer and crew, all Warlord Games figures except the drummer from Front Rank.

It also saw the first use of my new airbrush station for priming the figures.

First use of spray booth.

All primed

After priming it was time to start painting, although halfway through doing the infantry I did start on the artillery for a bit of variation.

Jackets and trousers done.

I then paint the collars, cuffs and epaulettes in the trim colour. I find it easier to then block in the facing colour and leave the trim than paint a thin trim line later.

Collar and cuffs and epaulettes undercoated.

Next the facing colour and flesh was applied and work starts on the backpacks.

Facing colours and backpacks.

Musket woodwork and jacket lace followed plus I started the artillery.
Musket woodwork painted and artillery started.

I then got sidetracked by the artillery and got all the work done on them bar the metallics.

Artillery block painting almost finished.

Then it was back to the infantry and time for straps, belts and more straps. Backpacks were completed and attached.

Straps and Belts.

Backpacks attached.

Next it was time for all the metallic colours to be done as well as any small items of equipment followed by a final touch up where required before varnishing, again using my airbrush.

Ready for varnishing.

After varnishing the figure were attached to their prepared bases and the flag attached.

On bases.

From the rear showing identifying label.

the final step was to texture, paint and flock the bases and they were finished (four weeks work) and off to join the rest of the Portuguese Brigade.


My full Portuguese force. Pack's Independent Brigade of the 1st and 16th Line Regiments and 4th Caçadores Battalion, along with a telegraph station and howitzer. Also a command base featuring Marshal Beresford.

Full Portuguese contingent.

So that's my Portuguese contingent for my Peninsular army completed, next up some 15/18mm Napoleonic rebasing and touch ups.

Take care everyone